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Whilst on patrol in the Florida Road area this afternoon, the DELTA 2, SPECIALIZED RESPONSE UNIT was flagged down by a frantic female. She went on to say that she was seated in the outside seating area of a local coffee shop when her cellphone was snatched from her.

The two suspects jumped into a white Toyota sedan and fled the scene. The SRU started combing the street and spotted the vehicle. A chase ensued with the suspects vehicle being boxed in by the Pro Secure Ranger.

The SRU member was able to apprehend the driver whilst a Metro Police foot patrol officer apprehended the 2nd suspect.

The vehicle’s number plates did not match the license disc, which will be further investigated by the Berea SAPS, who took over the crime scene.

” We commend the efforts and bravery of the Officer and urge the public to be extra vigilant when they are out and about,” said Vaughan Pillay of Pro Secure. ”


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