Drug Awareness


Drugs. The word every parent never wants to hear.

No one understands this more than ProSecure, that’s why we get involved and actively fight in the war against drugs. We assisted SAPS last month in a search and school talk to highlight the dangers of drugs at Greenbury Secondary School in Phoenix.

There were reports that drugs were being sold to learners and this prompted Phoenix SAPS, ProSecure and another security company into action. One learner was found in possession of drugs, and it is alleged that some learners had bought drugs voluntarily.

Drug abuse amongst the youth is rampant and this is what you need to look out for if you suspect your child or someone is abusing drugs:

– Changes to their normal habits such as increased or decreased appetite, changes in friend groups, drop in grades and complaints from teachers about poor behaviour in class.

– Their physical appearance has changed. If they have had a sudden, unexplained change in weight, bloodshot eyes, lack of personal hygiene, unexplained bruises or wounds and shaking/tremors.

– Keep an eye on their behaviour. If they become withdrawn or introverted when they were outgoing, they are suddenly secretive, disappearing for long periods of time, missing class or extracurricular activities and stealing.

If you or someone in your family needs help, please contact SADAG (The South African Depression & Anxiety Group) on 0800 567 567 or Narcotics Anonymous on 0861 00 6962.

You can also check out the Drug Awareness link on the SAPS website:


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