Mandela Day 2023


Honouring the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela, Pro Secure, together with police officers from Chatsworth Police Station, shared this special day with indigent children who attend Little Dolls Educare in Westcliff, Chatsworth.

Rays of light shone from the eyes of the learners as the personnel of Pro Secure handed over McDonald’s meals to them. Captain Pillay addressed learners on stranger danger, emphasizing that police will continue to protect them.

Mr Shaun Chetty from Pro Secure said: ” Putting children first remains a priority in South Africa. Pro Secure is thankful for the opportunity to be a blessing today. It is such acts of kindness that will restore hope to children, which will change the trajectory of the world towards light and happiness.

These humanitarian acts of kindness will remain embedded in the hearts of police and force multipliers such as Pro Secure.

Ubuntu nguni bantu, umntu ngumntu ngabantu, humanity to others, I am because we are.


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