Pro Secure – Success Report


On the 16th August 2022 at approximately 13:55pm our Control Room received information about a suspicious vehicle in the Kharwastan area.

Our SRU team were immediately despatched and the vehicle a Silver Grey Kia was spotted in Oak Avenue, Kharwastan.

The SRU members approached the vehicle, 5 x BM occupants were seated inside the vehicle and they behaved in a suspicious manner. Whilst being questioned they began to speed off.

The Specialised response unit together with back up members gave chase and intercepted the vehicle on Higginson Highway.

The vehicle was further inspected, the license plates on the vehicle did not match the registration disc.

The occupants were asked to exit the vehicle, whilst 3 x BM”s managed to escape in the dense bush, 2 x BM”s were apprehended. SAPS arrived shortly afterwards.

The vehicle was searched by SAPS and various items were found including cloned registration plates, 2 x unlicensed firearms with live ammunition, 3 x cellphones and various other house breakin tools where recovered.

Suspects where then taken to Bayview SAPS for further processing.

The Executive team at Pro Secure applauded the excellent work of the Unit and commented, ” We are certainly Chatsworth’s Number One Security Services Provider”

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