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Whilst most kids request a movie themed birthday party, 6 year old Arhaan insisted on having a Pro Secure party! According to Arhaan’s father, the young man is absolutely passionate about the Pro Secure fleet, especially the butch SPECIALIZED RESPONSE UNIT VEHICLES. He has already commented that he wants to work at Pro Secure, some day.

” I recently had the pleasure of meeting Arhaan and showcasing the Pro Secure Chopper to him,” said Vaughan Pillay of Pro Secure. ” I am ecstatic to see the impact that Pro Secure has on the communities that we serve, where our kids are now regarding us as their superheroes, ” said Pillay.

” Arhaan’s birthday cake was a stellar replica of the SRU Ranger. The attention to detail on this cake, certainly made it one of a kind”, said Pillay. ” We look forward to seeing Arhaan in the near future and wish him all the best for the year ahead,” added Pillay.

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