Pro Secure Vehicle Recovery Report


On the 14 September at approximately 18:55 Pro Secure’s SRU received information of a positive hi-jacking in the Umbilo area. Unfortunately, the 18 year old driver had been taken with the vehicle. The SRU immediately contacted Cartrack and the vehicles tracking device was activated. The SRU started to track the vehicle, with the signal showing that the vehicle was heading towards Lamontville. The Pro Secure control room immediately mobilized additional Specialized Response Units towards the direction of the signal, to provide back up to the members who were tracking the vehicle.

Fortunately, by then the vehicle was recovered by the first responding SRU. The brave victim was able to jump out of the hijacked vehicle and was picked up by a passing Uber driver.

The recovered vehicle was handed over to Lamontville SAPS and thereafter Cartrack.

The Management Team at Pro Secure commended the SRU members for their bravery and for a job well done! They also urged the public to be extra vigilant when traveling as there has been a noted increase in hi-jackings over the last few weeks.

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