Recovery Update


On the 28th of September, at approximately 11:30, the Pro Secure SRU received information about a Ford Ranger that had just been stolen from the Springfield Park Area. Further information shared indicated that the vehicle was enroute to Chatsworth, via the M1 Higginson Highway, heading in the direction of Savannah Park. The team immediately mobilized, and within minutes located the vehicle. A high speed chase ensued, with the suspects abandoning the vehicle in Demat and fleeing into nearby bushes. The recovered vehicle was handed over to the Chatsworth SAPS Trio team and Cartrack.

On the 29th of September, the SRU received information about a Toyota Etios that was stolen from the Arena Park area. Gathering information from reliable sources the SRU managed to locate and recover the Etios in Lamontville.

The Management Team at Pro Secure applauds the efforts of the SPECIALIZED RESPONSE UNITS and congratulates the efforts of this team, two recoveries in two days.


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