Saturday Round Up


Whilst many people enjoyed the beautiful Durban weather this morning, the Pro Secure Operations Team was out and about, doing what we do best.

Whilst on patrol in the Erica Avenue suburb, the Armed Response Officer noticed a male behaving suspiciously. Upon questioning the suspect, he tried to run off. The officer was able to restrain him and discovered a firearm on his person. The firearm turned out to be a toy, and was handed to the SAPS with other house breaking implements.

Later on in the day the SRU received Intel on a Toyota that was stolen from the Entabeni Hospital in Berea. The vehicle tracking unit indicated that the vehicle was in the Klaarwater area. The SRU made their way to the location and successfully recovered the vehicle.

“The dedication and bravery of the SRU is truly exemplary, it’s no wonder Pro Secure has become the obvious choice when looking for a security service provider,” said Vaughan Pillay of Pro Secure.


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