Success Report


Hijacked Vehicle recovered and Suspects apprehended!

This afternoon, we received information from a community whatsapp group of a hijacking victim that was found in Umhlatuzana, in the vicinity of the Umhlatuzana temple.

The victim was hijacked and handcuffed before being thrown out of his vehicle , a white Kia truck.

The full description of the vehicle and registration number was given to our Specialized Response Unit, our teams immediately alerted the tracking company, the vehicle was tracked to the Westcliff area.

A search pursued by our Specialized Response Unit, the vehicle was spotted in vicinity of the Westcliff Shopping Centre.

The suspects failed to stop whilst being flagged down by our members. This was followed by a high-speed chase.

The vehicle fled in the direction of the Higginson Highway, where our members managed to intercept the vehicle with the assistance of the SAPS that were in the vicinity of the area.

Two suspects were apprehended, the vehicle together with a firearm was recovered.

A job well by our Specialized Response Unit for always going the extra mile in protecting our communities.


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