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The Pro’s are at it again, double arrest in the Silverglen area, Chatsworth.

At approximately 17:50pm on the 22 October 2023, Pro Secure Armed Response noticed a male walking down Emerald Glen road in Silverglen carrying a pink bag and a white sack with what seemed to be large heavy objects.

Upon further investigation, the ARO found:

> Approximately 220 assorted metal pieces

> 4 x Metal drain grids

> Various tools

In another incident in the early hours of this morning,
Pro Secure Armed Response received a message from control room via the IMC regarding 6 suspects cutting cables on Parkside Road in Silverglen,

Two suspects were whilst attempting to flee the area towards me. Upon searching the nearby bushes with a CPF member, the suspects were apprehended, and a 9m copper cable was recovered.

The suspects were handed over to SAPS Bayview.

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